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Victor Rubel

Posted in declined ads, Uncategorized by ideasthatrock on January 25, 2010

The best friend of mister  Cash and Molding is the next hero of Sberbank’s newsletter.

The Hedonist, financial expert, money trainer, walking carisma, wife’s husband, daughter’s father and the master of their fate.

The person was rejected because of unfair eyes and moustache.

gauss energy saving catalogue

Posted in catalogue, gauss, print by ideasthatrock on January 25, 2010

The main task of any catalogue is to make things clear.  You shouldn’t compare the information search to powerlifting, when using it.

Maximum sense,  text minimum. Just as in packaging.

Couple of phrases about every kind of products make you believe in quality of bulbs and in energy saving idea.

Unusual layout, dots and text are a part of conspiracy of manufacturers and designers against distributors and customers.

Idea, texts, design made by fastway with the help of mysterious bulb fairy.