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gauss site

Posted in gauss, site by ideasthatrock on February 11, 2010

The gauss site is full of philosophy, flash and eternal motion.

Chaotic dots movement actually isn’t chaotic. In couple of second they join in a bulb shape to fight for the light against darkness.

As the dots flying there and back again, you get to know how energy saving products look like.  And by the way the mental problems fly away.

Tables and contents are easy to understand and make an order.


Sberbank 2010 Calendar

Posted in calendar, sberbank, selfpromo by ideasthatrock on February 10, 2010

The Calendar of Sberbank for 2010 was designed with the goal not to get bored when looking at its pages during 12 months. There is only money in the bank calendar. Original, isn’t it?

So we took 12 currencies and made graphic story based on elements from different notes. The idea was simple to appear but hard to realize. It took about 2 months to make unfriendly elements become best friends.

The Danish crones. The lion drinks beer without regard on close battle.

The Canadian dollars. Real crazy winter Olympic games with little Yeti passing by.

Euro. Pretty boring bridge-currency. Nothing interesting. Just money.

Russian rubles. The 6660 (the sum of all Russian notes) rubles note could look this way. The UFO is awaiting landing permission.

English pounds. Batman save the Queen!

The Chinese yuans. 1.5 billion population is hiding somewhere.

American dollars. Sounds good.

The Czech crones. The beautiful woman saves the story absence.

The Norwegian crones. Suitable money to bet.

The Swedish crones. Quiet evening in Stockholm.

The Ukrainian grivnas. Good postcard to visit Ukraine.

The Swiss francs. That’s how the junky dream looks like.

Actually almost every page has some extra elements having no any concern to money but still they are in to bring the picture more fun.

Have a rich year!