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Sberbank video

Posted in awarded!, sberbank, video by ideasthatrock on December 11, 2009

You can trust predictions or find alternative way to save your finances.

Sberbank – it’s about money.


Good harvest

Posted in awarded! by ideasthatrock on October 14, 2009

Moscow International Advertising Festival – Bronze for Gauss packaging, short-list for Sberbank Calendar.
Golden Drum (Slovenia) – short-list for Gauss packaging.
Pentawards (Belgium) – Silver for Gauss packaging.

We are together with our fans family.

Gauss energy saving lamps name, id & package

Posted in awarded!, gauss, id, naming, package by ideasthatrock on June 17, 2009

At first we found the appropriate brandname. After that the logo appeared. And met lots of different dots.

gauss logo

gauss energy saving lamps package

The objective was to create package for power saving lamps which considerably would differ from all other packages of the lamps presented in retail networks. Besides, it was necessary to show that Gauss lamps are the premium-segment, having justified, thus, their higher than at the majority of competitors price.
gauss energy saving lamps package

The main idea of the package – minimum superfluous, but maximum sense and convenience. On the face side – only a lamp category, its appearance and key parameters of choice. To attract more attention some objects (dots, lamp) were UV-lacquered.
gauss energy saving lamps package

The packages for 93 lamp types were designed fast and with pleasure. No one dot was lost.

gauss energy saving lamps package

Shortly after release the package was awarded with four prizes:  Gold on “IDEA!” (Novosibirsk, Russia), Silver on Kiev International Advertising Festival (Ukraine), Bronze on Moscow International Advertising Festival Red Apple (Russia) and Silver on Pentawards, the worldwide packaging design awards competition.

A3AG id

Posted in awarded!, id, print by ideasthatrock on June 10, 2009

A3 Advertising Group is a kind of company wich isn’t afraid of any barriers on the successful way up for itself as well as for a customer. The logo is the illustration of goals and methods – fast rocket goes up.

The advertising agensy  has worked out the graphic style for other advertising agency and won the advertising festival with it.

“Thee-and-thou the aliens” – slogan shows the easy technology of communication with all kind of customers, even with the the strangest ones.

The T-Shirt is more men’s than women’s.

Presentation inside and outside.

The way one of the prints looks like.

The rocket has brought to us the first prize in id category in Kiev International Advertising Festival.

Introducing Sberbank’s calendar. And behind the scene.

Posted in awarded!, handmade, photo by ideasthatrock on March 19, 2009

The task was to make the calendar that people would love to hang on the wall and watch the events through the year. Still, Sberbank is presented at the calendar implicitly, as well as in real life. Actually, the bank is introduced by it’s facetious advertisements — evident or hidden — which you can find on every page.

The main character of the calendar is a happy puppet family. They move to a new place, go to school and to the zoo, have holidays. Father — the head of the family — likes skiing and surely doesn’t like his emo-daughter’s boyfriend. Daughter likes her boyfriend and emo-panda, but doesn’t like shopping with her Mom. Mother loves her children and books; and Son – that little prankster– likes skateboard, sling and fried chicken with potatoes, although the last is not shown in the calendar.

The pages are shifted thereby, that the whole picture consists of two parts of successive pages laid on each other. So when you flip the page, a part of the picture changes and the other part stays to form the picture for the next month. And so on – every month you get a new scene with a bit of the past.

The characters were created in two phases. Their look and basic clothes were created by the illustrator. It was followed up with handmade puppets and a whole bunch of costumes. The most part of outward things are also handmade.

As always, the most attentive audience will find a lot of details. You have a chance to find a pacman’s ghost, your favorite superheros, Godzilla (a traditional element of our works) — and many other funny things.


Click here to see how it works (flash).

Or look at every single page, if you hate flash.

























Behind the scenes.

First of all, the illustrator gave the family its look and clothes. Then Anna and Anna (the puppet-makers) embodied the characters and created their world.

The main spice of the project – shifting of the pages – gave some grace to the calendar, and first greyhairs to the designers and photographers.

The notches for matching the pages are above. The notches for holding the perspective are below.

The dog is drowning his grief in alcohol because he is not handsome yet. He doesn’t know about the coming miraculous plastic surgery in “The Photoshop clinic”.

The emo-girl feels lonesome without a boyfriend.

So the boyfriend is nearly finished.

Father is an architect – but he is likely to turn a penny as a missionary on weekends.

By the end of the shooting the gorilla was made to put on a decent suit of clothes.

This is how dreams come true.

To add some romantic to the date-scene, we let it rain.

But it shouldn’t rain too hard – otherwise it may destroy not only love but the lovers also. So we created this fancy construction to make streams more delicate.

It is rumoured that the neighbor has lost his head of Mother. But Father is all heads-up.

And it’s so easy for a teenager to lose his head!

All-star cast is assembled. А snapshot before the actors’ autograph-session.

Thanks to three Annas – Cattish for the happy family, Karpova and Ryabchevskaya – for the puppets, houses and streets, rum, neighbor with keen ear and police. And thanks to always young, but now grey-haired Valerii Shibanov for heaps of poor-art-style-photos.

*Sberbank (Savings Bank of the Russian Federation) is the largest bank in Russia and the undisputed leader of the Russian banking industry. Volgo-Vyatsky Sberbank is one of 17 regional branches having the largest network area in European part of Russia with about 2,500 local units.

The novice designers intruction

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Short-list on National Advertising Festival “IDEA! 2006” (Novosibirsk, Russia) in print ads.