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Victor Rubel

Posted in declined ads, Uncategorized by ideasthatrock on January 25, 2010

The best friend of mister  Cash and Molding is the next hero of Sberbank’s newsletter.

The Hedonist, financial expert, money trainer, walking carisma, wife’s husband, daughter’s father and the master of their fate.

The person was rejected because of unfair eyes and moustache.


Fried eggs

Posted in declined ads, photo by ideasthatrock on September 19, 2009

The picture was made for Sberbank’s newslletter about car leasing possibilities.

“Fry, baby, fry…”

The picture was rejected mostly because of hairy hand – too realistic and frightening.

TV3 «Secret signs» declined ads

Posted in declined ads, print by ideasthatrock on March 12, 2009

«Secret signs» is a documentary TV serial which tells viewers with steady nerves about lost worlds; people with dogs’ heads; about Roma, who feels himself too hot in crematorium; about buildings, that feel cold at night; about dictators’ weaknesses and many other obvious but incredible things. Our outdoor ads were created to convince people to watch this amazing TV programme.

We thought, that if we talk about such serious things too seriously, nobody will belive in it. That is why we decided some humor is not only suitable, but even necessary.

«Saaave waaateeeeerrrr!» — the spirit says.

The aliens are going to invest in agriculture.

Warning the humanity.