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Gauss LED Packaging

Posted in gauss, id, package, Uncategorized by ideasthatrock on August 30, 2010

One year after release of energy saving bulbs Gauss has begun to produce LED bulbs and lighting based on future technologies. Good product without appropriate packaging is like the city without jams or the president without twitter.

On the basis of the color temperature the package boxes are divided into cold, warm and neutral.

The quantity of diods is visualised too.

Bulbs and lamps are like the happy couple — always together. But need different clothes.

Everything is clear and clean no ideal homes and “New!” signs.

The big LED family members have already settled all over the supermarkets.

Gauss energy saving lamps name, id & package

Posted in awarded!, gauss, id, naming, package by ideasthatrock on June 17, 2009

At first we found the appropriate brandname. After that the logo appeared. And met lots of different dots.

gauss logo

gauss energy saving lamps package

The objective was to create package for power saving lamps which considerably would differ from all other packages of the lamps presented in retail networks. Besides, it was necessary to show that Gauss lamps are the premium-segment, having justified, thus, their higher than at the majority of competitors price.
gauss energy saving lamps package

The main idea of the package – minimum superfluous, but maximum sense and convenience. On the face side – only a lamp category, its appearance and key parameters of choice. To attract more attention some objects (dots, lamp) were UV-lacquered.
gauss energy saving lamps package

The packages for 93 lamp types were designed fast and with pleasure. No one dot was lost.

gauss energy saving lamps package

Shortly after release the package was awarded with four prizes:  Gold on “IDEA!” (Novosibirsk, Russia), Silver on Kiev International Advertising Festival (Ukraine), Bronze on Moscow International Advertising Festival Red Apple (Russia) and Silver on Pentawards, the worldwide packaging design awards competition.