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Beluga Gold Line Ad

Posted in print by ideasthatrock on November 23, 2010

Prestigious vodka comes cool with appropriate delicatessen. This is a marketing idea for Beluga Gold Line — Noble Russian Vodka.

Lobsters are vodka’s best friends.

gauss energy saving catalogue

Posted in catalogue, gauss, print by ideasthatrock on January 25, 2010

The main task of any catalogue is to make things clear.  You shouldn’t compare the information search to powerlifting, when using it.

Maximum sense,  text minimum. Just as in packaging.

Couple of phrases about every kind of products make you believe in quality of bulbs and in energy saving idea.

Unusual layout, dots and text are a part of conspiracy of manufacturers and designers against distributors and customers.

Idea, texts, design made by fastway with the help of mysterious bulb fairy.

The calendar for TTK company

Posted in print by ideasthatrock on October 30, 2009

Underneath you see the logo of one huge telecommunication company.

The task was to make the top of very ordinary calendar. We decided to focus on logo because of its recent release. Besides we wanted to show the role of commmunications in a modern megapolis and blah blah blah…


Do you see logo? Hope, yes.

Diversion postcards

Posted in photo, print by ideasthatrock on October 18, 2009

Diversion Interior Design Studio helps daring people change their houses, apartments and life. Radical but realistic concepts are welcome. In their advertising too.

“Diversion designers obviously help you to deal with the old interior”.

* “Jane is whor…” is painted on the wall.

“Sometimes good ideas come by chance”.

“The Diversion’s ideas will possibly influence not only new interior”.

National Advertising Festival «Idea!»
Novosibirsk, April 2008
3-rd place in the nomination «print ads».

Moscow International Advertising Festival
Moscow, September 2007
Short-list in the category «print ads»

Waterdance massive

Posted in id, naming, print by ideasthatrock on September 22, 2009

5-th global rave festival id & naming.

smells like poster

Posted in print, selfpromo by ideasthatrock on June 16, 2009

The poster reflecting our creative ideology from the moment of agency birthdate is a good gift to everybody who wants to look deep inside all the actions, objects and processes.

Fish was also the first symbol of the agency and the smell of fish was one of the symbols of our growing.

“Winter vs Summer” poster

Posted in photo, print by ideasthatrock on June 15, 2009

The poster was designed for the party in the biggest city night club. The model was hot baby, the photographer was cold professional, the result of the struggle see below.

During both the shooting and design process we were dreaming to be the mittens.

A3AG id

Posted in awarded!, id, print by ideasthatrock on June 10, 2009

A3 Advertising Group is a kind of company wich isn’t afraid of any barriers on the successful way up for itself as well as for a customer. The logo is the illustration of goals and methods – fast rocket goes up.

The advertising agensy  has worked out the graphic style for other advertising agency and won the advertising festival with it.

“Thee-and-thou the aliens” – slogan shows the easy technology of communication with all kind of customers, even with the the strangest ones.

The T-Shirt is more men’s than women’s.

Presentation inside and outside.

The way one of the prints looks like.

The rocket has brought to us the first prize in id category in Kiev International Advertising Festival.

Three more tables design for Bufet art-cafe

Posted in print by ideasthatrock on March 21, 2009

We thought that 6 is better than 3 and designed 3 more table covers for “Bufet”.


“Galaxy is in danger”. No doubt.


“Hurry up! In the morning your head’ll turn into pumpkin!”

It’s like the warning to everybody drinking not too much. Go ahead!


“Oh Lord, let it be legalized.”

Sberbank’s money transfer

Posted in print by ideasthatrock on March 13, 2009

Sberbank’s fast money transfers help the humanity.

One can send money to any city of the country in an hour. So, it doesn’t matter, where you send money: to Habarovsk or Uzhgorod. The aim will be reached in an hour anyway.

We couldn’t think up anything better, then waylay the bonds at the beginning of their journey and take pictures of them.

100 russian rubles are flying away

Sberbank’s money transfer. Throughout the Russia for an hour.

500 russian rubles are ready to meet somebody’s wallet

1000 russian rubles are better than 500

5000 russian rubles will never come back any more

It’s strange, but the time of transfer doesn’t depend on the distance or value.