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Cash and Molding

Posted in photo, sberbank by ideasthatrock on November 10, 2009

Two fabricated persons made the look and content of Sberbank newsletter with the circulation of more than one million issues more attractive and a little bit crazy.

One guy is a person with extrasensory perception and a dream interpreter besides.

Arcady Cash

“If you see a talking iron in a dream, it’s about soon mortgage!”

And the other personage is an automobile expert.

Willy Molding

“Only two things in a car are important:

1. The car must be new.

2. Nothing should stick out from under the car.”

Idea, models, pictures and retouching by fastway.


The calendar for TTK company

Posted in print by ideasthatrock on October 30, 2009

Underneath you see the logo of one huge telecommunication company.

The task was to make the top of very ordinary calendar. We decided to focus on logo because of its recent release. Besides we wanted to show the role of commmunications in a modern megapolis and blah blah blah…


Do you see logo? Hope, yes.

Diversion postcards

Posted in photo, print by ideasthatrock on October 18, 2009

Diversion Interior Design Studio helps daring people change their houses, apartments and life. Radical but realistic concepts are welcome. In their advertising too.

“Diversion designers obviously help you to deal with the old interior”.

* “Jane is whor…” is painted on the wall.

“Sometimes good ideas come by chance”.

“The Diversion’s ideas will possibly influence not only new interior”.

National Advertising Festival «Idea!»
Novosibirsk, April 2008
3-rd place in the nomination «print ads».

Moscow International Advertising Festival
Moscow, September 2007
Short-list in the category «print ads»

Good harvest

Posted in awarded! by ideasthatrock on October 14, 2009

Moscow International Advertising Festival – Bronze for Gauss packaging, short-list for Sberbank Calendar.
Golden Drum (Slovenia) – short-list for Gauss packaging.
Pentawards (Belgium) – Silver for Gauss packaging.

We are together with our fans family.

Waterdance massive

Posted in id, naming, print by ideasthatrock on September 22, 2009

5-th global rave festival id & naming.

Fried eggs

Posted in declined ads, photo by ideasthatrock on September 19, 2009

The picture was made for Sberbank’s newslletter about car leasing possibilities.

“Fry, baby, fry…”

The picture was rejected mostly because of hairy hand – too realistic and frightening.

Electro horse

Posted in live by ideasthatrock on August 14, 2009

This small horse didn’t become a hero of a presentation video for Sberbank. The role of unnecessary gift did not fit her, electroanimal seemed to be useful and lovely creature.

“I’m just waiting for my stallion!”


Posted in handmade by ideasthatrock on July 3, 2009

That was a gift from colleagues to agency’s director. The gadget made of ebony and silver by Nikolay Bugrov (the Master of  Screwdriver and Electricity) was the only gift to Ilya for past two years and has appeared under pressure and menace of being fired to everybody.

The phone is the only one and has no clones.  But many envious enemies.


The back side presenting the symbol of Moscow Olympic Games 1980 and his little but important thing.

The phone like this can be ordered and designed personally. And it really works.

Gauss energy saving lamps name, id & package

Posted in awarded!, gauss, id, naming, package by ideasthatrock on June 17, 2009

At first we found the appropriate brandname. After that the logo appeared. And met lots of different dots.

gauss logo

gauss energy saving lamps package

The objective was to create package for power saving lamps which considerably would differ from all other packages of the lamps presented in retail networks. Besides, it was necessary to show that Gauss lamps are the premium-segment, having justified, thus, their higher than at the majority of competitors price.
gauss energy saving lamps package

The main idea of the package – minimum superfluous, but maximum sense and convenience. On the face side – only a lamp category, its appearance and key parameters of choice. To attract more attention some objects (dots, lamp) were UV-lacquered.
gauss energy saving lamps package

The packages for 93 lamp types were designed fast and with pleasure. No one dot was lost.

gauss energy saving lamps package

Shortly after release the package was awarded with four prizes:  Gold on “IDEA!” (Novosibirsk, Russia), Silver on Kiev International Advertising Festival (Ukraine), Bronze on Moscow International Advertising Festival Red Apple (Russia) and Silver on Pentawards, the worldwide packaging design awards competition.

smells like poster

Posted in print, selfpromo by ideasthatrock on June 16, 2009

The poster reflecting our creative ideology from the moment of agency birthdate is a good gift to everybody who wants to look deep inside all the actions, objects and processes.

Fish was also the first symbol of the agency and the smell of fish was one of the symbols of our growing.